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Telecom Technician - Longview

Application Deadline: December 31, 2018

Location: Longview, TX, United States

PBX installers are a type of telecoms equipment installers who are tasked with installing private branch exchange switchboards that relay incoming, outgoing, and interoffice telephone calls in a single location or group.



Position Duties and Responsibilities:

·         Install switches and switchboards as well as the required frame supports, connecting the equipment to power lines and communications cables and install

·         Test the connections to ensure that adequate power is available and that the communication links work properly

·         Install equipment such as power systems, alarms, and telephone sets

·         Install software to program the equipment to provide specific contracted features.

·         Perform tests to verify that the newly installed equipment functions as expected.

·         In case of problematic operation, determine whether it is located within the PBX system or whether it stems from the telephone lines maintained by the local telephone organization.

·         Install voice-over Internet protocol (VoIP) systems if the PBX is equipped for internet using the company’s computer wiring to run Internet access, network applications, and telephone communications.


Skills and Specifications:


·         Familiarity or exposure with the specific telecoms equipment being marketed

·         Excellent management and organizing skills

·         Ability to perform initial diagnosis and troubleshooting in the installation process if there are problems encountered in the test.

·         Thorough knowledge regarding the more common telecommunications systems, protocols and equipment used.


Education and Qualifications

·         2-4 year post-secondary vocational education in electronics or computer technology is essential

·         A BS degree in Computer Engineering, or related engineering courses

·         1-2 years experience in the operation of telephone equipment

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